This weeks Peeks ~ South Florida Childrens Photographer ~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I don't know how I get so lucky, but I had some AMAZING sessions this week :O)! Here are some sneak peeks. ENJOY!

I had a blast on this session- He was just all smiles :O)- those eyes.... and those cheeks...What a cutie!!!

Mr "L"- At 3 months old, this was his 3rd session with me :) He was the lil cutie sleeping on the pumpkins. He was awake for the first time this session... and oh, so cute!!

Miss "M"- What a little princess she was :) We had fun walking around Flamingo Gardens for this shoot.

The "F" family. I am so glad they made it down for the weekend :O) It had been 1 year since I got to photograph them- Wow, they got big!!! It was a fun shoot at Robbins Park.

Last weeks "peeks" ~ south florida portrait photographer~

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mr "D".... seriously- Just look at him A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
He is such a happy boy... Just like his big brother that I photographed at the park a few weeks back. Such a happy family. I am looking forward to shooting all of them next week for their holiday portraits.

The "E" family. Such a good looking group :) we had a fun session at the beach... Gators jerseys and all!

Expectant mommy "A" and daddy "M".... I just loved this session. Very easygoing & natural- I just loved the way they looked at eachother and interacted; All I had to do to get her to smile was tell her to look at him..aaawwwww ;)
Thanks guys!!

Beautiful Mommy to be & A little Princess ~ South Florida Portrait Photographer~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What a beautiful mommy to be!! "C" was so great to work with - I had a lot of fun!

Little Miss "V" was such a cutie!... She did not want to sleep - she didn't want to miss anything ;) but, she did a GREAT JOB!

Sneak Peeks ~South Florida Portrait Photographer~

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sweet Baby "K"... just 6 days old :0) He was a perfect subjec for our session. He slept and did not make a peep the whole time. I was SO excited to get to use my ne PEA POD prop on this shoot. His mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt and Uncle were al there as well and were so sweet and easy going it helped the shoot go so well.
THANKS GUYS! enjoy the "peek"!

What a GREAT family!! THey were so fun... and Little "C" was too cute!!! Here are some peeks from their session at Robbins Park.

Ahhhh... Two of the most GORGEOUS little girls. Baby "S" and Sweet "L"..... I have been photographing both of them since birth and I just love watching them grow. Seriously- One of my favorite famitlies to photograph!!
Thanks M & S!!!

I told you they are GORGEOUS ;0)

6 month old "A". He was so much fun on this shoot!! and Mom and Dad were great as always!!

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